Generate Investment
Returns in 2018


Come to a FREE Investing Seminar
Monday 26th March, 7pm
Sandymount Hotel, Dublin 4


This is an information evening. You will not be sold anything and there is no obligation to purchase any products or services you may be informed about.


Presented by IIFT in Association
with Baggot Investment Partners



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This is an opportunity, in a relaxed friendly environment to get yourself investment ready for 2018

Topics we will discuss:

What is the market outlook for 2018?

Is holding stocks still ok?

Will the dollar damage my US Equity holdings?

How much are your current investments costing in fees and commissions?

What is the future for Bitcoin & Crypto Currencies?

Are there better products available?

If commodities are going up, how do I buy them?

Should my broker get up front fees?

Is property still a buy?

What about REITS?



Date:  26th March 2018


Time:  7 pm – 8:30 pm


Location:  Sandymount Hotel, Herbert Road, Dublin 4


Parking:  Free Parking



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Head of Education at IIFT & Founder of Baggot Investment Partners

‘The secret to good investing is to spend time in the market in the correct product.’

‘The purpose of the financial services industry is to make money from you, not to make money for you!’

We have to negotiate the market in order to achieve returns, as a minimum, to keep pace with inflation. Peter gives some very useful tips on how to end up in the good products which will perform and how to avoid the bad ones.

We also look at the economic outlook for 2018 and how it may affect your current and future investing returns. Is the stock market rally over? Will interest rates return?



Director of Course Sales

Tommy is passionate about helping investors to do better for themselves.

Education is the key to learning more about the industry, the products and strategies. Not necessarily to learn to self-invest but to have enough knowledge to be safe and be able to identify the best professionals to interact with.



Chief Investment Strategist – Baggot Investment Partners

David’s expertise is his ability to identify risk controlled returns. He is an international expert on products and market cycles having worked in Brevan Howard, the renowned UK based hedge fund.

We hear David’s in-depth take on where the market is off to next and the best products to exploit those opportunities.

About the Institute of Investing & Financial Trading

The IIFT was founded in 2010 to provide education and training to individuals who want to understand more about trading and investing. Since then we have trained thousands of individuals to better understand the financial markets, the investments they hold and the trading strategies they employ. As market practitioners and financial experts we can providing traders and investors with a solid grounding in the key principles and disciplines to give them the best chance of success.

About Baggot Investment Partners

BAGGOT Investment Partners are investment advisors who utilise modern products and execution to create low to medium risk investment portfolios to meet our client’s individual investment requirements.

At BAGGOT we understand the market. We are investment experts that source innovative and tax efficient investment and pension products, and provide you with tailored investment solutions, driven by in-depth market knowledge.